Friday, December 13, 2013

7 months

We are a little behind on doc visits, so for Wren's 6 month check-up she was almost 7 months, 6 months and 26 days to be exact.  But she's healthy as a horse!!

15lbs 11oz

Since birth she has almost gained exactly 10 pounds!!  Isn't it wild how babies grow so fast!  If I gained 10lbs in 7 months it would be the end of the world, but babies do it all the time!

She's a little chunky monkey and has moved from the 2nd percentile when she was born to the (almost) 30th percentile now...not sure she is going to be one of those 'born little, always little' babies, but she's perfect and that's fine with me!!

In her 7 month 'photo shoot' she thought it was really cute that she can turn sideways in her chair and one foot hits the ground.  She loves her chair (thanks Sherry and Brianna!) and that it's her size. It seems every month she learns something new about it; it rocks, she can touch the ground, etc.

 We adore our 7 month old!!  We have been struggling a little with sleep at night, but Gary and I take turns and try to get as much sleep as we can.  I knew this time might come and I know it won't last forever, so we just make it day-by-day and kiss and squeeze her as much as we can!

Things she can do/loves:
Crawingl - she started doing this Thanksgiving week!  She's all over the place
Shaking her head back and forth and up and down - she has no idea that means 'yes' and 'no,' but it's soooooo cute and she thinks it's hilarious!
Teething - I think this why nights have become sleepless so hopefully we will see some action in that mouth soon
Eating - she tries whatever we put in front of her for the most part.  If it's too squishy (ex. ripe avocado) she just squeezes it too hard and can't get it into her mouth, but that's part of the learning process and how she grips things.
Laughing - she cackles ALL THE TIME!!!  Yes, she cries, whines and gets frustrated (she's a baby after all), but for the most part she just laughs and I LOVE IT!!
Playing - As long as she isn't hungry, dirty or sleepy she can play all by herself!  She would rather someone be in the floor with her, but she doesn't have to if she has plenty of things to play with.  Paper is her favorite, but like I said we have to watch her really close when she has it.
Changing - she's flips all over the place when I'm changing her clothes or diaper.  Sometimes I have to call in back-up to settle her down.  She loves to be naked!!  As long as she's comfortable temperature wise, I can pretty much just let her hang out in her diaper if we aren't going anywhere.
Sleeping - She goes through spurts.  Right now she'll sleep through the night maybe once a week and we've been resorting to putting her in the bed with us because sometimes that's the only way we can get some sleep.  We make it work :)

She's a blessing to us and we are so grateful God chose us to be her parents.

Happy 7 months Gwynie Wrennie!!


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