Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

It's Christmas Eve and I had to come into work today, however, I get January 2nd & 3rd off in lieu of working today :).  Just wanted to hit your computer screen with some Christmastime photos!!

Wren's Christmas tree in her room!  Thanks Aunt Shells for letting us borrow it.  The picture is from the kids Santa picture with dad last year!!  

Next year, this one will be blown up...

 Santa came to our house a couple of weeks ago and we let friends and family around me know that he was going to be there.  Our photographer Shonta Harper (Sharper Photography) came and brought her precious little girl.  I'm so glad that Wren and Emma got to meet!!

Preston and Roane came by and took their picture with Santa too!!
Love these 3 babies soooo much!!

We also got a cousin picture!!  This is all the kids on Gary's side!  Love these kiddos!  I'm so blessed to be their aunt!!
Caleb, Benjamin, Wren, Sarah, Christopher, Ruthie
and Hannah

Wren loves the Christmas tree and sometimes just stares at it!  Don't you love this precious outfit?!  A friend left the onsie and bow on the front porch and then my mother-in-law found those leggings.  Love my little elf!!

Merry Christmas!
Love, The Washers


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