Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

After seeing a tour of a Christmas home here, I figured it was time to share mine. 

Just for reference, this is what my dining area used to look like...
This is the view of my dining area from my kitchen.  I say area because it's not really a room.  The tree in the left corner is actually no longer there because it was my mom's christmas present that I was storing at my house until this past weekend.  I wanted, however, to show everyone the picture of when it was there because it made my dining area look a lot more full. 
big difference huh??  Of course everything that I have added to this room since the first picture was taken isn't all christmas stuff.  I now have my grandmother's kitchen table, I have the picture covering the breaker box (left wall), I have red curtains now and I have my aprons hanging (right wall).

Now for the details...
I made the tree in the middle by following the instructions here.  The other two I got for a $1 each at the dollar tree.
I have big snowflakes hanging from my ceiling.  I got these from the dollar tree for...a $1!!!!!

Snowflake plates and mugs found at Old Time Pottery.  The mugs have little markers that come with them and you can label whose mug is whose if you have a little holiday party :).
I just threw a few snowflake ornaments on the table to add that extra umph.  The snowflake ornaments were mostly purchased in bulk from the dollar tree and hobby lobby.

The cute tree that is no longer blessing my house...maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday?  Yes, I added some snowflakes to it :).

Up close of the kitchen window...see the curtains are now red.  Don't mind that one of the blinds are missing.  I might or might not have tore them down while I was decorating...oops.  Gary will fix it.  Garland, silver balls and white snowflakes.  The silver balls were purchased from the dollar tree.  The garland was purchased from Old Time Pottery on black friday...got it super cheap!!
View from the living.  There is garland hanging from the entry way and now I have christmas cards all across that little area between the ceiling and the garland.  Maybe I'll take a picture of that later.  Of course snowflakes are hanging from it.

The back door has garland with white snowflakes and red balls.  Yes, I'm still loving my roman shade.

The 'first year' ornament my sister got me is a little big for our tree, so I hung it from the door handle.  Isn't it sooo cute!!

The kitchen doesn't have much going on.  Just some lighted (is that how you say it) garland and
a seasons greetings sign that I've had for years!!
Oh and some snowflake towels I got from the Dollar General.
On to the living room...
This snow decoration is hanging on the inside of my front door.  I got this at Hobby Lobby for cheap, but it was all wooden before I added a little glue and glitter.

I have red curtains at the front of the house too, so white snowflakes and silver balls are hanging from the garland.
Since this rod is a little longer than the other two (the windows are further apart) I hung a Happy Holidays sign from the middle section.  I snagged that sign from The Good Will for $.99.  You know it had to have a snowflake :).

The tree is in the front corner so I can open the blinds for the world to see.  You might remember when I made that tree skirt.
My tree is full of snowflakes and ball ornaments with snowflakes on them.  I LOVE IT!!!

The black curtain behind the red couch has red snowflakes and red balls.

I bought the big black vase whenever my roommates and I had a fireplace at our house in Mount Juliet.  I have been wanting to do something with it for years and finally I decided to grab some sticks from my parents yard (after the tornado they have plenty to choose from) and paint them white.  This little guy usually hangs out in the corner where the tree is, but I wanted my tree to be by the front window, so I moved him and added some ball ornaments just for kick and giggles.
Now for my 'mantel.'  We don't have a fireplace (sob sob), so I decided to add a shelf above my couch that I could change out season to season.  You might remember that this is what it used to look like.
And here is it all decked out for Christmas...
I kept the clock., made another cardboard tree,wrapped some leftover garland around a heavy duty cardboard 'W' I got from Hobby Lobby.
and hung the stockings and snowflakes.  The stockings were bought our very first Christmas from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

As I was walking around the room taking pictures, this is what Gary was doing.  Whew I'm so ready for the first of the year so he will shave that beard!!

This is the final wall on the inside.  As mentioned earlier, I have added Christmas cards on the wall, well I also made these.  I don't have them all hanging in this picture, but they are all hanging now and maybe I can get a picture of them for you.  I decided to do a candy cane stripe on the other two and hang only picture cards on them.  I feel as though people like to see your picture cards, so if they are hanging too high they can't see them.  It looks really cute!!

On to the outside...I had planned on making this door wreath, but as I was searching on pinterest the night I was about to create, I found this.  I didn't really want to run to the store to get the craft sticks, but I really really really liked this one...SOOOOOO...I thought really hard and decided that I could make the same thing out of a cardboard box!!!  And guess what I did!!!
I added the silver glitter to the circles.  I think it turned out well enough to use for this year.  I'll probably make a more sturdy one next year, but it looks great and guess what it was free!!!!  The ribbon is a little crooked in this picture, but that has been fixed :).

Here is the view of the whole house from the road.  I have always wanted some net lights and I found some at the Good Will for $2.99, however, there were only 2 boxes.  I couldn't handle it and had to buy 6 more to cover all the bushes.  You can't see three of them because of the cars.  I already had a TON of white lights so I just wrapped them around some of that cheap garland I got from Old time pottery.  It was easy and fast.  A couple of years ago I climbed up on the house by myself to add lights all around.  It looked really cute, but it was hard work.  Who knows maybe next year I feel up to adding to the roof as well.

Well, that's it for our tour.  I hope you enjoyed it!!!  Stop on buy anytime and visit our Winter Wonderland!!

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

Oh...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!! I can't wait to experience it all in person Thursaday night!!!

Candy said...

Everything looks beautiful! I always say "I'm going to do something like that" and never get around to it...maybe it's all these kids running around :) You have a great eye. Hope you and Gary have a Merry Christmas! Love y'all!

Becky W said...

Looks great, my dear!!!! Wonderful job!

Terry said...

Kim, it looks AWESOME!!!! Great job and frugal to boot! You go girl!

Hugs and wishes for a very merry Christmas!