Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Night

As crazy and elaborate things can be in Malaysia, sometimes us Americans (and the Polish) just like to kick back and enjoy a movie night.

Peter (or Piotr if you are from Europe) had a movie on his computer that everyone wanted to watch ( I think it was called Snatch?), so we grabbed some McDonalds take-away, bought a cord, piled up in John's room, hooked up Peter's computer, and...

Waiting for the movie to begin

 Make  yourself comfortable, it's going to be a long night.

John and Peter working on it.  We were able to get video, just no audio.

Jonathan gave Ellie a but cut look.  She was embarressed!

Then she decided to pose.

Our group shot.  By this time we had about decided we were done trying.  After two trips to the Carrefour (Car-foo...similar to Wal-Mart) to buy two different cords and still no move. 

I think it was about 3 hours later when Peter and Jason went to the store and came back with speakers.  We ended up watching the movie on the tv, but listening through computer speakers.  I was tired after the long adventures of movie night and cut out early.

It was a fun night.  I also have some video, but that takes me a little longer to put together than just posting pictures. 

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nat said...

Snatch is a pretty good movie, but the dialect is hard to understnad. You have to watch with subtitles to even know what the heck they are saying!