Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money Money Money Mo...Ney MO....NEY

Money over here is 1.3 to every US $1.  It seems like everything here is really expensive, but when you calculate it out it's usually about the same if not cheaper.  I think their money looks like play money :).
50 RM (Malaysian Ringet)

This is the 2RM.  One of the guys was going to give it away and I wanted to keep it.  That picture is of the KL Tower.  It has a revolving restaurant at the top of it.

This is the 1RM

This is the 5RM.  Those towers are the Petronas Twin Towers.  They are beautiful.  I have been there and taken pictures, just haven't uploaded them yet.

10RM.  This one is pretty self explanatory.

I took pictures of the other side of all of the bills as well, but it's just the same picture of the same man on all of the bills.  When I asked people at work who he was this is what I got...

Rajiv and Tarmizi: The first king of Malaysia after independence (of course they had pull a bill out and look at it)

Hafiz and Danny: The first govenor after independence (once again had to pull the bill out)
When I asked if that was their final answer they said no.  After further investigation they confirmed that he was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia after Independence. 

Pravin is the only one who I asked that actually knew who it was the first time I asked him.  Then he continued to give me a history lesson about him...everyone knows who he is, but at the time he was prime minister he was also considered royalty.  He is the one who fought and got their independence.

The official name: Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia

Either way he was a pretty big guy in socity after Malaysian Independence.

I will post a picture of him later!

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nat said...

Interesting that most people had to pull the bill out. Probably most Americans do too, who knows. Thanks for the history lesson!