Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye Domino!!

This morning Ellie

Recieved this email:

Hello all -

Today we said goodbye to Domino, our faithful pet for 18 years. Domino had developed a tumor between her shoulder blades. The vet believed it to be an aggressive cancerous tumor, common in older cats. She was also likely in some kind of chronic renal failure and, most surprisingly for our dear cat, had not eaten in days. You all know how she loved her food. She was down to 8.8 pounds, a significant weight loss. There was little to do for Domino and we concluded that she had lived a good life and we should let her die with dignity. She was injected at about 4:00 this afternoon and died instantly. Kurt and I were both holding her and petting her as she died. We buried her in the back yard, in front of a cedar tree where we will put a little monument to her. She enriched our lives and we will miss her.

Paula (Ellie's mom)

Looking thin
Ellie said that Domino used to be about 20 pounds!! 

Hard to smile
Ellie's mom with Domino.

When we got into the cab at the hotel Ellie told me about Domino.  She was so mad at herself for crying about the situation and instantly my mind goes to my precious Pepper!!!  I know she hasn't been part of our family for 18 years, but for those of you who have a pet that is a family member know how Ellie is feeling today.  She has been strong since she is across the country and cannot hardly talk to her family much less see them.  I know this may seem silly to some people out there, but for those of you who understand please say a little prayer for Ellie and her family.

Here is a picture of me and my "Domino" Pepper!!!

An oldy but a goodie from a few Halloweens ago when she lived in the Hermitage Apt with us!!!  She is a devil spider in case you can't tell!!

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nat said...

So sad for Ellie - I can't imagine the day that I have to say goodbye to the Tide. Awful.