Monday, September 27, 2010

Church History

Last night Gary and I were able to go to a gospel meeting.  I don't think they call it gospel meeting here, but that's what it was.  Douglas Foster from Abilene Christian University was here talking about Church History. 
He is an amazing speaker and an extremely good story teller.  He talked for 2 hours straight.  It did seem a little long because Gary was suffering from a little jet lag and we hadn't had dinner so we were both starving by 10pm when it was over.  The people that we rode with, Stephen and Eileen, used to go to PJ chuch of Christ so they had friends there so we stayed a little bit longer and had birthday cake for Doug's wife's birthday.  It was really cool that we got to see other Americans.  Everybody was so confused as to why we were there.  Everyone from Malaysia thought we were there with them or knew them before hand.  We didn't leave the church building until 11 and then we went and had dinner at a Northern Indian restaurant.  It was delicious!!!!  We finally got back home at around midnight.  It is so wonderful being part of God's family because we have traveled exactly half way around the world and when we step into a church building we feel so at home.  Actually the preacher of the PJ church knows Kok Hai Tan, who was one of my computer teachers at Freed and now goes to Crieve Hall.  It is such a small world!! 

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nat said...

It is a small world, espcially when you are a C of C'er! Glad you have a place that feels like home!