Friday, June 25, 2010

The Night Shift

I started working the night shift last night because at the end of every quarter we try to pull in as much business as possible.  So, last night I worked from 2pm-9pm.  Tonight I'm working from 5pm-midnight.  Then next week we have mixed hours.  The longest and hardest night will be Wednesday because it's the last day of the quarter and we have to work from 6pm-3am!  However, it is actually really fun because it's like having a day off.  This morning Gary and I went fishing with Gary's Pop Washer.  Monday and Tuesday I'm going to the pool and Wednesday I'm going to spend the day with my Grandmother and cousin.  So, things that I don't normally get to do I am able to do when I work night shift!  It is a nice change of pace from having to work 8-5 everyday and missing the best sun tan times!

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