Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lingerie Shower

I had Sara Leitnaker's lingerie shower at my house on Friday June 4. The only other lingerie shower I had thrown was my sister's and I had my roommates living in the same house as me to help with everything. This time the other hostess didn't live with me and so I did all of the decorations and party ideas myself. Rachel Evans was the other hostess and she is such the party planner, but she sort of let me take free reign over this one and I'm thankful because I was able to come up with some great ideas (thanks to google). I used lace, candles, and rose petals as my decorations, which I loved!! Not everyone at the party knew the bride very well and the bride didn't know everybody at the party ver well so we played 2 truths and a lie and it was fun to find out some outrageous things that people have done, dated, experienced in the past! Then we decorated our "butt cookies." I had read online about this and I loved it!!!! So we made some and I have to say I think they turned out pretty good!! We played the game where I asked Jimmy (her fiance) questions and for every one she got wrong she had to eat a piece of gum. She was doing well until she got to the "What is Sara's favorite accessory?" He put her engagement ring and she was saying earrings, shoes, purses. Finally she figured it out. All together she only had to eat 6 pieces of gum but in the picture you will see what a big chunk that ended up being. We mainly just sat around and talked, which in my opinion is always a good time!! I think the last of the girls left my house around 1:30am!!

Sara and Jimmy are getting married June 19 in Kingston, TN and I'm their videographer! I can't wait!

The Butt Cookies:

                                                           This is the brides cookie

                                     This is Karen's cookie...that is a heart tatoo made out of sprinkles
                                               She and I obviously had the same idea :)
                                                          Sorry about the bluriness!
This is Jennifer's first one
And her second.
We weren't sure we were going to be able to read Rachel's but when I took it I got really excited...Karen thought it said "I OO"
Rachel's second one.  This one had lace around it if you can't tell.
This is the cake Rachel made!!  She was going to go get a cake from Sam's but she didn't have time and then she just whipped this up.  OH and was it delicious!!!!!!!
This is the gum that Sara chewed when she missed a question.

I wish I would have gotten a group shot, but for some reason I didn't think about it until after people had already left.  Oh well, it was a small group so we can remember who was there! 

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