Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matt and Martha Riley's Rehearsal Dinner

Matt and Martha had one of the best rehearsal dinners I have ever been to...actually they had the best I had ever been to, including my own. 

We went to Black Jack Cove in Old Hickory, TN.  It is a restaurant on the Marina of Old Hickory Lake.  We had the entire indoor section to ourselves. 

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect!!  Enjoy the photos!

The Beautiful Couple!

This was the door we walked through to get to the party.  I thought it was a cool door!

The Table's were so pretty.  Matt's Aunt did the floral arrangements and they were used for several different things throughout the weekend!

I wish that I would have moved the salt and pepper shaker out of the background, but it's still a good pic!
Matt is in the Marines and these are chocolate Marine symbols!! 
The man who cooked all the delicious food...Chef Ty!!!

I thought we were going to have to choose between filet mignon and grouper, but little did I know we were getting both.  It was so delicious and this is such a great place for a date too.  They have outside seating on a dock with live music!

The Bride's Family
The Bride with her Bridesmaids

Bride and Groom with their wedding party!

Suite 17 (The Vent) minus Rachel, she had mono :(

The Vent again!

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