Friday, June 11, 2010

Just driving home...

My adventure driving home from my friend Steph's house after the Bachelorette. So, first of all I stop at the ghettoist gas station to get gas and then of course when i get back in ranger joe he decides to be stubborn and not start. Well, I'm a little nervous so I call Steph and they know nothing about cars so then I call Gary to get him to tell me where the starter is so I can hit it (with my hand?). So, I crawl under my car at this nasty gas station and try to find the starter with no luck. Then, I just sit in my car until a family car pulled up and I felt comfortable enough to go over and ask for help (this was about a 10 minute wait). We pop the hood and look around, but I don't know what I'm looking for and he's not a mechanic. Then he gets brillant and asks if it's a 5 speed and of course it is. So, then he is going to push my truck all by himself to get it to start. Then this lady comes over and is asking all these questions like "your truck won't start?" (there's your sign) and she decides to help the man pushing. So, we finally get it started. I'm just driving along minding my own business, when all of sudden interstate traffic is completely stopped!!! I'm talking to my sister on the phone and she doesn't understand why there is so much traffic at 11 o'clock at night and I have to remind her that I live in Nashville, TN and she lives in Arab, you see a difference? So, they are paving the road and everyone is merging into one lane...I lane!!! I ge the bright idea that my husband can get me home no matter what exit I get off of so I just pull off an exit and call my map. If you don't know Gary very well after 10pm is a hornet and doesn't like anybody!!! So, we get into a tiff and I just tell him I'll find my own way home, so I did find my way back to the interstate at a further down exit past the road work (thank you dad for giving me some of your navigational abilities). At this point the traffic is like almost none. I am driving at a pretty far distance from the man with a trailor on the back of his truck. Then I see something fly off of his truck, but I'm so far back I can't tell what it is. It looks like a piece of paper, so I just stay in the same lane and drive normal speed. Then it begins getting closer and getting bigger and it turns out to be a HUGE piece of styrofoam!! I swerve and miss it. I get home an hour after I left steph's and can't go to sleep because of all the excitment. So, naturally I turn on Gilmore Girls, who can always calm me down!!

This is about what was flying at my car on the interstate going 70 miles an hour!! Ranger Joe took it on the left side like a champ!!

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