Monday, October 14, 2013

Cutie Booty

Wren and I got to tag along with the in-laws on Friday for a day trip to Mt. Pleasant and Pulaski. 

Our first stop was to visit Christine at her new house in Mt. Pleasant.  After Gary's grandmother passed away his Pop married Christine.  I was never fortunate enough to meet his grandmother, but we LOVE Christine and even now that Pop has passed we love spending time with her and letting her be a part of our kids' lives!

Wren had her first experience with sitting at the kid table :).

Our second stop was to visit Cool Springs Church of Christ in Pulaski where Gary's parent's got married.  They have a creek right behind the church and the kids went wadin' in the water.

Wren with her Granny in front of the church she was married in.  It's such a cute little country church!

Our third stop was the square in Pulaski.  Reeves Pharmacy still has nickle cokes... 
Wren's first nickle coke.  J/K!!  But she did grab at it :). 

My mom met us in Pulaski to bring us to her house for the night.
This was mine and Shelley's high chair when we were kids.  All the grand kids have used this at Bebe's house.  We had to set a pillow in there with her because she still isn't steady with sitting up.

PePaw was so excited to watch the 1st NLCS game with Wren... 
It was so exciting it wore her out!!  Yes, she's sporting her Cardinals outfit :).

**Spoiler Alert - In case you missed game 1 the Cards won in a 13 inning game!  It was crazy intense and dad and I both had to do some silent cheering as to not wake the baby up.  Game 2 ended with the Cards winning as well!!  Can't wait to see what happens in game 3 tonight!!**

On Saturday we had Rachael's baby shower and I forgot Wren's bow, which I hate, so at one point we put her sunglasses on her head just for accessories :). 

                                    I ended up loving how this 
                                      diaper cake turned out!!

One of the hostesses wasn't able to make it because one her girl's was sick, but we still had fun!! 

She did still do all the food, which was DELICIOUS!!!!

That night we got to go to Tate Farms for FREE!!  Nick and Rachael's church rents it out and they are allowed to invite 3 families and those chose us!!  LUCKY DUCKS!!
We tried to get a pic of Easton and Wren with their heads through this...didn't work out too great!!

That little brown arm is Alyza!!  They loved the bunnies!!

Easton checking out the goats!

Alyza talking to the goats.

The pigs were not all about the people.  They were napping.

Daddy and Wren.

Wren and I went down this huge tube slide!  She did fine the first time, but we went a lot faster the second time and she did not like it.

Adeline and Wren playing in the corn crib.

Who knew corn could be so much fun!!  It was really fun to put in people's pockets when they weren't looking.  I put a handful down Rachael's shirt and then one down Shelley's.  When I was least expecting it, Shelley came in with the attack and got me back.  It was hilarious!!!  We are definitely big kids!

The hayride to go get our pumpkins! 

Easton riding to the car with the mother-load!

What Gary pulled out of his pocket when we got home that night :).  Dad said everytime he reached in his pocket at work that night he would get a kernel.  HAHA!!

Now, for your final picture of this post... 
This cutie's booty on Sunday morning!!  Thanks Rhonda Sharp for her cute bloomers.  Is it weird I asked everyone at church to check out her booty?...NAH!!

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