Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fry them Fish

The Preds had their first game last week, so we celebrated by putting this cutie in her Preds attire.  Thanks Josh and Steph for the cute onsie!  Do you see that bow??  Yes, her hair is just long enough now :).

Friday night, we went to my aunt and uncle's to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday.  Braden is always over there and at one point he gave Wrennie her first piano lesson.
Taking it all in

There goes the prodigy!!!

Riley, my cousin's 5 year old daughter, is a genius!!  She is only in kindergarten, but can read like a champ.  Wren and Grandmother enjoyed Riley's reading of "Oh the Thinks You Can Think."

Wren was jumping up and down during the book!!

On Saturday morning, Wren and I got up to head to a yard sale!  A friend from college was having one in Mount Juliet and she has two girls older than Wren, so I knew she would have some stuff that I will need for Wren in the winter.  Check out these cute shorts I got her!!  They are a bit tight around her ghetto butty cloth diaper, but they sure are cute!!  That's probably the only time she will get to wear them, but I'm totally ok with that.  It was worth it just for this picture!!

On Sunday, Gary's Pop had his annual fish fry.  He invites his family and some of his old pickin' friends to his house for a good old fashion fish fry.  They usually pick and sing, but they didn't this year.  Pop was in a bluegrass group, Connie & Babe And the Backwoods Boys.  650 AM actually plays some of their songs sometimes!  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we are going to hear Pop sing a bluegrass festival!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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Gary Washer said...

He was also in Music City Bluegrass.