Monday, October 21, 2013


Let's start off with some cute pics of the kid.

I mean...those jeans!!

Happy baby before bed!!

On Friday, Gary's dad had surgery to remove a spot of cancer in his colon.  The doctors acted as if it was not a big deal and even after they found it, about a month ago, they let him go to Japan for a business trip.  The days leading up to his surgery seemed to be business as usual with all of us, but then on Friday I was a nervous wreck!  I wasn't able to take off of work because we had some special training going on.  I was texting everyone in the fam all morning trying to get updates.  The surgery was supposed to start at 10:30, but he ended up not going back until almost 1.  I actually made it to the hospital (about 5:30) and the surgeon hadn't even come out yet to provide the update.  He said everything went well and he should be able to go home on Sunday!  YAHOO!!  He still will have some follow-up appointments, but as of right now he is cancer free!  We went to visit him on Saturday evening as well and he was awake most of the time and talking.  He had walked 4 times that day.  Then yesterday around 4:30, Delores called and said they made it home safely!  He will be on a special diet for a while, but other than that and resting he should be back to normal and to work by next Monday!  Praise God for such great news!!

So, now for my mother-of-the-year moment...
On Friday night, Wren and I stayed at the hospital until Tony got in his room.  It was almost 9 when we left.  Gary had been there all day and after the doc came out with the update he left to go hang-out with his friend.  Wren was already snoozing when we went out to the car.  I pushed the unlock button on my key ring.  Opened the driver door and started the car.  Closed the driver door and opened the back door to put Wren in.  Got her all strapped in and closed the door.  Then I tried to re-open the driver door and IT WAS LOCKED!!!  WHAT?!?!  How did that happen??  I honestly have no idea how it happened, but it did.  We do have a code pad on our car, but I haven't taken the time to update it because last I looked it was kind of difficult.  I think I'm going to take the time to do that very soon.  

I called Gary immediately having a minor freak out moment.  He reminded me that I was at a hospital and there are cops everywhere :).  I then called my sis-in-law who was still up in the room.  She just giggled and made her way down.  Even though I wouldn't have been able to get to Wren if she was upset, I felt as though I needed to stay by the car.  She told the cop at the front desk and he called the Smyrna police.  I was a little embarrassed, but they all made me feel better about it saying it's not the first time they've seen this.  The police showed up within minutes because there was a kid trapped in the car (whoops!).  He put a metal thing in the door, blew it up with a little woopie cushion type thing and then reached in with another piece and hit the button.  Was Wren screaming her head off you may ask?  NOPE she was sound asleep the whole time and has no idea any of it happened :).  The cop had to get my driver's license info and call in my license plate #.  I was also a nervous wreck during that part because ever since we had Wren we haven't gotten our new tags...they expired in MAY!!!  YIKES!!  We have got to get them soon.  I just prayed that he wouldn't notice and guess what, he didn't!!  He gave me back my DL and told me to have a great evening.  Whew!

Sunday morning Wren went to Bible class for the first time.  She usually goes with us because we don't have a baby class until they can sit up.  She isn't fully steady with sitting up yet, but enough to sit in those seats.

"What's happening?  Where am I?"
"Who are these crazy people?"

"Oh, Hey Preston!" 

"I'm so glad you're here with me!"

She may not be able to sit up, but she can speak in full sentences!  

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I always blow the MOTY award, too. And I have had 28 years to attempt it - every year, something happens to disqualify me.

I'm so SO glad to hear they declared Tony cancer-free. HUGE load off everyone, I know.

nat said...

Glad to hear the good news about your father-in-law. You are no doubt already laughing about the Wren story. These kinds of things happen! At least everyone was okay! Love ya!