Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The angels rejoice!!

Last night after I left work, went christmas shopping, grabbed dinner, started dinner and was about to eat my cell phone rings. Gary answered the phone and I overheard 'baptized' and 'right now.'

I knew who it was as soon as Gary hung up the phone. My cousin, Evan, was making the most important decision of his life! I was soooo excited. I called my sister, my mom and I would have called other people, but we don't live that far from the church :).

Unfortunantly, when we got to our church building the water in the baptistry had been drained. Luckily, we are super close to plenty of other churches that were willing to open their doors to us.

Gary and I were the first ones to arrive at Old Jefferson besides the man who graciously unlocked the doors for us. Just a few mintues later the rest of the crew started showing up. Within a 30-45 minute time frame Evan had gathered just about his entire family to witness his new birth. It was an incredible moment to know that I have a HUGE extended family that are believers. I am blessed to not only have an amazing church family, but it feels like, a lot of times, that I am related to most of them.

A list of who was there last night:
Gary and me - Evan's cousins
Aunt Kecia and Uncle Paul - Evan's parents
grandmother and granddaddy - Evan's grandparents on his mom's side
Granny and Pawpaw - Evan's grandparents on his dad's side
Uncle Eddie - his dad's brother
Aunt Luana - his dad's sister
Aunt Paula and Uncle Tommy - his dad's twin sister and her husband
Elizabeth - Evan's sister
Paul Jr - Evan's brother
Matt Wilber - Evan's youth minister

To gather that many people in such a short amount of time goes to show you how incredible it is!!

God is AWESOME and I know he was sooooo excited last night to welcome a new child into his family!!!!

Please pray for him as he starts this incredible journey. We all know that it's not an easy road, but it is the road that is the most joyful, comforting and has the best family anyone could ask for!!!!



Candy said...

Wonderful news! How exciting!

Linds said...

How special :)

Kristen said...

Very cool!! =) I know you are thrilled!