Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season

This past weekend, we were involved in all things Christmas!!  The excitement started on Friday evening when we attended a play at Chaffin's barn.
The play we went to see wasn't Christmasy, but it still felt seasonal because we never go the theater.  We got there about 6pm and enjoyed an AMAZING buffett until the show started at 8.  We went with a couple from Crieve Hall that has been inviting us for months.  It finally worked out and I honestly hope it's not the last time!  The play was Boeing Boeing and it was hilarious!!
It's about a man who has 3 fiances and they are all from different airlines.  He keeps a time-table of when they will be in their hometown, in the air and in Paris with him.  I won't spoil the play, but just know that his time-table got a little unhelpful :)!

On Saturday morning, I hosted the ornament swap for the Secret Sisters at church.  We had a Great turn-out and lots of yummy brunch food!  I meant to take a picture of all of us with our ornaments, but alas I forgot.  I even wanted to get all of the ladies to take a picture of themselves with their ornaments, but I wasn't sure of how good of a response I would get.  So, sorry there are no pictures to document it, but I promise it happened!!

After the ladies left and I cleaned up, my aunt, sister and cousin came by to get me to go Homecoming dress shopping for my cousin, Elizabeth because...guess what...she's on the HOMECOMING COURT at MTCS!!!  This is their first year at that school and girl has already made the friends, I guess.  We were sooooo excited and even found this super cute dress!!  There are rules:
1) Must be white
2) Must be long
3) Must have straps
Now this dress doesn't currently have the straps, but my aunt is going to add them.  Isn't she soooo cute!!!  I think they ended up finding it online for a lot cheaper than it was at David's Bridal :).
Now, I know that wasn't very xmasy either, but it was still fun and not something we get to do everyday :).

After the dress shopping was complete and she 'said yes to the dress,' Gary and I headed down to AL where we will be every single Sunday until the end of February.  Gary will be teaching class at Merdianville CofC this whole quarter.  You can actually listen to his first lesson here.  So, if you are in the area swing by any Sunday and me the Gar will be there!!  Anyway, went to AL to my parent's house and I had told my mom that if she wanted to save her tree until we were there I would help put it up.  And that's just what we did on Saturday night!!  Mom and I put the tree together, while Gary sat on the couch and watched The Fugitive, might I add.  Then we had to wait for dad to get there to put on the lights.  He is pretty OCD about the lights.  Once he had eaten and was putting on the lights, the tradition began...Home Alone was on, mom was making hot cocoa and we were decorating the tree (every year never fails!!!!!).  Gary and I have already watched Home Alone several times this year, but it doesn't compare to watching it with my dad!!  I even have to sit in the right spot so I can see his face!!  He turns bright red from laughter and I know which parts it's going to happen, so I don't even watch the movie, just him :).

After church Sunday morning, Gary and I had to rush back to Murfreesboro to get to a family xmas with Gary's extended family.  We had Thanksgiving with them last Sunday and there wasn't another day that we could all get together again expect for this Sunday.  Yep, Barlar (Gary's mom's side) Thanksgiving one week and family Christmas the next!!!  We played a little dirty Santa and Gary got some nerf guns!!
They are single shot with whistler nerf bullets.  Oh it has been a war zone in our house every night this week.  If you walked in, you would think we had kids because there are nerf bullets everywhere.  We like the surprise attack on each other.  When the other isn't expecting it we will shoot and that has caused some full out hide behind the doors and walls shooting match.  We laugh and giggle and it's fun until someone gets hurt.  Let me just say that a nerf gun straight to the mouth doesn't feel so great.  The wound has healed (if there even was one) and the exciting nerf action has continued.  I can't wait to get home and ambush him!!!

So, that was our fun-filled Christmasy/not so Christmasy weekend!! 

This coming weekend is my cousin Page's wedding!!  Congrats to him and Mary Beth!  I'm excited that she is joining the family!!

Happy Christmas,

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Candy said...

Your comment about your Dad made me laugh! We do the exact same thing with my Dad! I can watch "A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation" a hundred times alone and it's never as funny as when I watch it with Dad. It's hilarious! We quote the lines together and he laughs so much his eyes water and he has to hold his belly. :) Glad you had so much fun. Maybe we will see you around Christmas?