Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home for the Holidays Part 2

The next project I had was to make a ruffled tree skirt.  The tuturial this girl has is pretty good, but I did run out of fabric.  I think I made my ruffles too big or too small or too something because I had to get more red fabric and be very frugal with the burlap towards the end.  I did not do the white and burlap, but red and burlap.  It took me three evenings after work to finish and I honestly hope I never have to do it again, but it was worth it because I LOVE the way it turned out!!!

I meant to take pictures along the way, but I forgot until I got about half way done...

My sister said her text looked like it was white and pink, but don't worry it's red and burlap.

You can tell my last burlap layer is a little slim, but once it's under the tree you can't tell.  There is also a random piece of red fabric sitting on the right side, don't worry it was taken off after this picture was taken.

This picture isn't that great, but here it is under my tree :). I didn't even want to put my presents that are already wrapped under the tree because it would hide my cute skirt. They are currently stuffed right beside the couch so the skirt is still visible :).

More Christmas transformations to come!!



Terry said...

Too caauute! Good job, girl!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! You did such a wonderful job!! Can't wait to see your next project!!!