Friday, November 4, 2011

The Genius that is my Grandmother!!!

I have been planning on making an ornament ball wreath for quite sometime.  I'm honestly not sure what has taken me so long to do it because even though it was time consuming it is pretty simple.  I didn't realize, but I already had all of the supplies in order to make it.  I pulled out my big Christmas box of goodies last night and I knew I had to make it.  My Grandmother had given me several things in the past few years that she was no longer using as her decorations.  She doesn't know that I tweeked them a bit, but I'm pretty sure the crafty woman would be ok with it.  I pulled out the wreath that she had made I don't even know how long ago and realized I could use that as my base for the ball wreath.  I meant to take pictures the entire way through, but as you will see I got distracted and forgot. 

This is a picture of all little do-dads that were connected to my Grandmother's wreath...a little outdated.

This is what the wreath looked like once I removed all of the little do-dads.  It was made, get this, with a wire hanger as the base and then plastic pieces wrapped and tied around it.  I am pretty sure I said about a TRILLION times last night what a genius my Grandmother is for thinking to make a wreath out of wire hanger...can you say CHEAP!!!!!

Here's the close up of the hook to prove it's a wire hanger.

There was a little bit too much fluff going on for me to cover with the ornaments I had, so I made a huge mess around my garbage can and ended up with this as my frame.
Once, again I want to point out that my Grandmother is a genius!!!

And the wire wreath with fluffy plastic wrapping is transformed into a beautiful ornament wreath!!!

Here it is hanging on the inside of our door.  I mean seriously you can use the, already there, hook from the wire hanger to hook it on the wreath hanger...have I mentioned what a genius my grandmother is??

Just for kicks and grins here is the genius herself, Grandmother!!  This picture was taken at her 80th birthday party just a few weeks ago.  Our backdrop is the quilt she made me.  She is super crafty and she doesn't even know what Pinterest is!!!!

Happy re-creating from old crafts,


Candy said...

Love it! I've been thinking of making one of these...maybe orange and blue for Auburn? :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! You did great and don't you just love grandmothers, they teach us so much!!

He Sings Over Me! said...

wow, your grandmother is a genius! I guess I need to start creating myself! thanks for the motovation! Humm, I wonder if we still worked together would we be making stuff together at work!.....humm....Yes!