Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home for the Holidays

I am soooooo ready for the holidays!!!  When I say holidays, I really mean Christmas!!!  Remember where we were last Christmas??  It was GREAT celebrating with the Clayton's last year, but I have to be honest I really missed decorating my this year I'm making a winter wonderland!!!  I have snowflakes galore and I can't wait until they are hanging everywhere.  I have a lot of ideas that I'm going to create, but I just finished took a picture of one last night...

This is an absolute HORRIBLE picture and I'm actually not even done with it yet because I intend to add more buttons and such, but I LOVE the way it turned out!!!  I got it from none other than pinterest.  My paper isn't as christmasy as that one, but I still love it and I'm not complaining at all!!  I think this might go in my guest bedroom to spruce it up a bit because the colors match that room the best!! 

Keep your eyes open for more crafty holiday goodies :).



Kristen said...

Cute!! I pinned that picture, too - adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!