Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Heart is Heavy

In the Wednesday night ladies Bible class at our church they are studying about prayer this quarter.  Gary is teaching a SFT class at another local congregation, so I have been going with him over there every Wednesday.  However, I was still able to snatch up one of the books they are using on prayer for my personal study.  I started the study last night after everyone was bed, which is a rare occasion in my house because Gary and I usually go to bed at the same time or he stays up later than me.  However, last night was different and I decided that instead of watching episodes of Parenthood on Netflix it was a good time to start my study on prayer.  Man was I right! 

There are so many things going on with people I know and love right now that I need to be praying about, but sometimes it’s just hard.  It’s hard knowing exactly what to say.  It’s hard truly turning everything over to God.  And it’s hard to think about the outcome.

I recently did a short post about how God answers prayer and I definitely keep that in mind when I pray.  Just because I pray for something to go a certain way doesn’t mean that God didn’t answer it…he just gave me a different answer and that’s HARD!!

The final question in the study last night was “What do you hope to get out of this study.” 

My answer was simply that I could truly turn EVERYTHING over to God!

Now I want you all to help me pray for some of the people that are heavy on my heart & that we can all learn to turn everything over to HIM!

Austin & Karen Mobbs are a couple at our church.  They are around our age and are expecting their first baby.  They prayed for this baby.  They enlisted prayers from some of us at church that they could have a baby.  They have been so good to involve, what has felt like, the whole church throughout their entire pregnancy!  First, they announced this news at our family retreat.  Second, they got everyone (at least those they could get to) to write on a piece of scrapbook paper whether they thought it would be a boy or a girl.  Lastly, once they found out news about their precious baby girl, Kinley they went forward for prayer from our entire congregation!  Karen started getting nervous that she wasn’t gaining weight like she should be.  Most of us would jump up and down for this, but for Karen it concerned her.  She expressed this to her doctor and they set up an ultrasound.  I don’t think anyone involved was prepared for the news that followed that ultrasound.  After meeting with 6 different doctors from Murfreesboro to Nashville, their sweet Kinley was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  There is nothing they can do until she is born and they want Karen to go as full term as possible.  Her due date is April 17th and they have scheduled her for a c-section at Vanderbilt on April 15th.  As soon as Kinley is born she will be taken to the NICU for further testing.  The neurosurgeon says he cannot determine how in depth the surgery will be but she will have to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Once the tumor is removed it will be tested for cancer. Other surgeries have also been discussed for various complications they could be facing.  However, as I said before, they won’t know for sure how serious everything is until she is here.

Amanda Charles is an almost 20 year old that I’ve known for a very long time.  We attend the same church camp during the summer and her parents are heavily involved down there.  They also previously attended church with one of my closest friends from camp and when I would go visit her I would get to see the Charles’ family as well.  2 days ago, with only a recent thyroid issue discovered, but nothing serious, she fainted in front of her best friend and roommate, Sara.  Thankfully, Amanda and Sara have been attending training to become volunteer firefighters so Sara acted immediately!  She checked her breathing, nothing.  She checked her pulse, no pulse.  She yelled at her mom to call 911 and she started CPR.  By the time the ambulance arrived Amanda’s lips were blue and her skin was grey.  She was taken to the Alex City Hospital, but very quickly they decided to life flight her to UAB.  She has currently not been diagnosed as brain dead, but the most recent update from Sara said that her heart is getting sicker & is not working in a manner that is sustainable for life.  They have no idea what could have caused this.

These two situations BREAK. MY. HEART!  However, as I stated earlier, my goal for my prayer study is to learn to truly turn everything over to God.  What can I do that He can’t?

Please pray with me for these two families and please turn it all over to God!


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Amy Littleton said...

Very wise words. Been praying for Amanda. Will pray for your friends.