Tuesday, February 25, 2014

9 months

Yippee!!  I'm 9 months old!!

Shonta came to our house for her 9 month session and here are a couple of the pictures...
We had bath time, which she doesn't always enjoy, but happen to really enjoy that day (thank goodness)! 

This is us in Wren's nursery...I still need to take pictures of the whole thing and post them on here, but there are still some small details that I want to do...so, hopefully before she turns one her room will be completed!

We are getting closer and closer to having a toddler!  Her balance just gets better and better.  She can now flap her arms while she stands (video).  I think it's her version of song leading and I must really bob my head when I sing to her because she tends to do that when she is 'singing' or hears music.  It's adorable!  I need to catch that on video soon!

I thought we were coming to end of breastfeeding last week because she went a few days where she wasn't interested at all!  It broke my heart!!!!  However, I remembered a friend telling me that her son went a week when he was around 7 months where he would only take a bottle, so she just pumped and fed him until he was ready to nurse again.  I kept faith that she would eventually want to again and thankfully she did!!!  I think she might have been mad at me because we left her last weekend to go back to Charlotte for another convention and didn't take her with us.  She also had a small virus that she was working through, so those two things together could have been the culprit for her lack of breastfeeding.  But we are past it and hopefully she will be good until, at least, May!

My family came in town this past weekend and we had a blast!!!!!  Mom and Dad came in on Thursday night and kept Wren on Friday.  They cleaned around the house and did some projects that we haven't had time to do!  It was great!!  We now can use our front door and the toilet in our bathroom ;).  Shelley, Jared and Easton came up late Friday night.  Wren and Easton played all morning Saturday!  Easton LOVES Wren!!  He said over and over, "Hi Wrennie!"  and then give her some love.  Love = holding his head close to yours and making the mmmmhmmmm 'hug sound.'  It's the sweetest thing ever!!  I wish I would have videoed him at least once.  Hopefully next time they are together he will still love on her!!  He has learned to do eskimo kisses and the boy can HONK your nose so hard!!!  Have you heard of Big Block Singsong?? They are short videos that play between shows and commercials on Disney Junior.  The Big Feet one is THE BEST and even Gary and I can watch that one over and over (we may or may not have done that last night).  Anyway, Easton introduced us to BBS over the weekend and Wren loves it!!  Thanks Easton!!  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures or anything of the kids together, but my parents did so at least we have some!!  Rachael and her family were supposed to come up as well, but her grandfather passed away and they had to make a trip to Texas.  We missed them, but know they were where they needed to be.

I love that Wren has so many close cousins in age on both sides!!  One of Gary's cousins had a baby a couple of weeks ago
Owen Sterling 
Feb. 13
7:09pm. 7lbs 11oz. 20 inches long.

This coming weekend we are going to celebrate with another one of Gary's cousin's whose baby is turning ONE!!  Yay Lylah We can't wait to celebrate with you!!

The year is flying by and keeps getting better and better!!  Gary was talking to a friend last night when he got home and Wren was laughing and playing with his as well.  He told his buddy that having a kid was nothing like he thought it was going to be, but it's WAY BETTER!!!  I love that he feels that way and he is THE BEST DADDY!!  I know I've said it before, but he can make her laugh the hardest!  He pretty much just has to look at her and she starts cackling!!  It's sooooo precious!!  We are excited to continue to watch her grow and learn new things.  And I'm just trying to relish in each and every moment because they go by so fast!


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