Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The wind in my hair...

I have a love.  It might be sometimes considered a secret love.  It might be something that continues to grow or simply stay the same, but either way I am in love with riding motorcycles!!  I think it is sooooo fun to sit on the back of a motorcycle, leaning with the curves, taking in the fresh air and letting the wind blow through my hair! 

In Malaysia and India it is extremely common to own a motorbike.  They are extremely cheap so that is the main source of transportation for most.  These motorbikes look something like this
They're nothing really fancy and they get you where you need to go.  Even though this is no Harley, I would ask people all the time in Malaysia to take me on a bike ride.  However, they just thought I was crazy because it's sooo dangerous there and they drive really crazy!! 

In India, I finally got my chance to ride!  It was actually a scooter that I rode in India, but same idea :).

I remember the first time I ever rode a motorcycle.  I was in high school and I was going to babysit for a couple at church.  They were going on a bike ride that night and when I got there Frank Williams, the dad, asked me if I wanted to take a quick ride.  It was love at first ride!!!  In college, there were some guys that had motorcycles and if they ever drove them to church I would want a ride back to campus.  One guy that I grew up with in Arab grew up riding bikes and I went out with him and his family one evening for a long bike ride...ahhhhh (sigh) those were the days!!

Well, Sunday night my fire was re-kindled as I jumped on the back of Steve Davis's (my friend Rachel's dad) Harley and he took me for a ride. I'm pretty sure you couldn't knock the smile off of my face for the rest of the night!!

Now the hard part is convincing my true love, Gary, to also fall in love with my secret love and purchase one of these bad boys!!  Couldn't you see us riding down the road on a Harley leaning with the curves, taking in the fresh air and letting the wind blow through our hair??

Happy Dreaming,


Terry the Domestic Dilettante said...

You and I could switch husbands. Well, not really - but I have a bike-loving better half, and I am so not a biker chick. I'm terrified of them (and with good reason - a dear friend of ours died while riding with his wife; she survived after being life-flighted with multiple injuries.) Not their fault; a truck ran a stopsign and pulled out in front of them. He laid the bike over trying to avoid crashing into them but he lost his life.) I hope you get to enjoy the wind in your hair (but I also hope you wear a helmet!)
Hugs from me.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you and I are in the same boat. I'm so in love with them and I have not quite got Yannick on the bike. Pretty soon I hope!