Monday, May 14, 2012

A yearly tradition

It's something my sister and I have vowed to do until we die!  That is to drive to Henderson, TN on an April afternoon to re-live one of the most precious memories we have from our college days.  MAKIN' MUSIC brings joy to my life and song to my lips!  I can't hear a song on the radio that was in ANY show in all of the years I watched or performed in this coveted spectacle without remembering the lyrics that were sung from the stage.
We arrived in Henderson about 3:30 anxious to partake in a delectable feast at a world-renowned well known to all in the town restaurant.  Snookums is incredible!!!  The pregnant sister wouldn't have it any other way!!  On their website it says they open at 4, so we were prepared to wait a good 30 minutes to be first in line.  However, once we arrived and pulled into our front row parking spot and looked around to see that nobody else was even there (very unusual for Snookum's during mm weekend) we realized that it didn't even open until 4:30 (check out the sign).
So, we decided to head down to the Shell (the gas station/baskin' robbins that's a big hang-out) and use their facilities since we had so much time to spare.  We still had to wait a VERY long time once we got back.  Good thing we had CamWow to entertain us!
This is Carly, she is one of Shelley's high school girls at church and she is thinking about going to Freed!!  I'm pretty sure every single person Shelley saw she told them that we were trying to get Carly to go to Freed!!  I hope she had fun!! 
Me and a little CamWow!!

Shells and a little CamWow

There was this couple that arrived sometime before 4:30 that got out of their car and headed for the door.  Oh man we were freaking out!!  We were thinking wait a second, we got here first we should be first in line for this food!!  So, as soon as more cars started arriving we jumped out and got in line.  
Oh yes, Shelley and Carly first in line!!!  

And here it is folks, steak tips and a bake potato.  Oh and some Country Bob's steak sauce...YUM!!!

Once our bellies were full and happy we headed over to the gym for the before-party.  We missed the cast running through the show, but we were able to hang out with other alumni for a while before the show started.  We didn't get any pictures of that...whoops!

The show was great and I totally lost my voice when Phi Kappa hit the stage!!  Their show was good, but we weren't sure how the awards were going to go.  Every club was winning awards and once they got to the sweepstakes it was up in the air who was even going to place.  Of course they start by announcing 3rd place...drum roll please...PHI KAPPA ALPHA!!!!  WHOO HOO!!!  We were all sooooooo excited!!!!  We didn't care that we didn't place first, just so happy that we placed at all!!!!

Here's the cast cheering at the after-party!!

A yearly tradition is to take a picture of all returning and current Makin' Music directors.  We thought Shelley was going to be the oldest one in the picture, but Phil Waggoner and Jason Judd saved the day :).

We had so much fun and we can't wait for next year!!!

Happy Makin' Music, 

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Terry said...

What a great roadtrip you had! Snookums, huh? Who knew??? (Making a mental note of where-to-eat when I'm in that neck o' the woods.)