Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cake Pops

A couple of weekends ago a couple of girls I know through Backwoods came to visit me.  Shanon and I are regular camp goers and Kim is one of Shanon's friends from Faulkner.  She would come downt to camp on the nights that Cornerstone performed, but then she was outta there.  Kim and I haven't really spent a lot of time together, so it was fun to get to know her better and it's always fun to hang out with Shanon.  Another friend, Miranda, was supposed to come as well, but she ended up having to stay home :(.  She contacted me several weeks before the trip to see if I wanted to do a little surprise party for Shanon.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but we both thought it would be the perfect opportunity to surprise her.  So, I was in decorating and cake making mode.  Shanon and Miranda are both cake bakers, so trying to come up with something creative that will impress them brought on quite the challenge.  After long agonizing hours of thinking about it, I decided to do cake pops!

I actually decided to buy the cake pop pan from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
I also bought a pancake dropper because I saw this video and it made putting the mix in the pan so much easier!!  Obviously she had a different maker than I did, but I thought the mix would be the same...

So, I flowered my pans (can you see all the flour in sink?).  They suggest not to use a butter spray and that is all I had, so I used regular powder on my pans.  It was quite the mess!!  I covered the inside and the top because excess does come out of the top. 

I tried to use my new pancake dropper, but the mix was too thick :(.  So, I ended up using my ice cream scoop and a spoon to put it in the pan.

I did red velvet cake and the box recipe makes 2 pans of cake pops (18+18 = 36).
This is actually the second batch I did because I forgot to take a picture of the first batch.  You can see that some of the cake did come out of the top, but the first batch was way worse.  I'm thinking that you could probably get 2 and half pans out of one box of mix if you really wanted to.
Then you just pull them out.  Some of them do have 'Saturn rings,' but those are easily removable with some kitchen sheers.

This is my tupperware half full of the 'overpour.'  I think you could get a could half a pan out of this...I'll know next time :).

Out of 36 pops only 2 of them cracked a bit.

I cooled them overnight in the fridge.

Then started creating the next morning.  I did purple vanilla flavored candies and milk chocolate.

The first step is put the stick on the cake ball.  You dip the stick into the melted candies (I found my candies at Hobby Lobby).

Then stick the stick about half way into the bottom of the cake ball.

I went ahead and stuck them in the styrofoam to rest and 'glue' together.

Here's all the cake pops before their decorated.  I stuck them in the fridge for a little while, maybe 10 minutes.  I would suggest leaving them in there a bit longer because I did have a couple fall of the sticks when I was dipping.

I guess I got too into decorating because after this point I kind of forgot to take pictures, but there are plenty of videos and tutorials out there that you can follow.

Here's the finished product!!!!!
I use that hat box for my diaper cakes (don't worry they aren't used diapers).  Actually, now I'm looking at this I realized I used the wrong box because I have purple I meant to use...whoops!!

This is what Shanon saw when she came in the house!!  I got the hanging balloon idea from pinterest...super cute and super cheap!!!  Then those stick things are from my winter table centerpiece!  Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Shanon!!!

We really had a GREAT WEEKEND!!!  We went to Chuy's, shopping, experienced 5 for 5 clearance at Charming Charlies with a 5 year old and a 1 year let me tell ya!  We stayed up late and slept in.  We got snowed on and we visited Papa Bear and Bebe (my parents).  It was a blast and I can't wait until we can do it again.


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