Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Our first V-day together!

Just in case you haven't gotten any roses today, these are for you... 

We aren't big V-day celebraters, but I have recieved some pretty good presents on this Hallmark holiday in the past.  Our first Valentine's is one I'll never forget!!  I was still in college and was a makin' music director.  He drove from Murfreesboro (about a 2 and a 1/2 to 3 hr drive) on V-day (middle of the week) to surprise me at practice and bring me those flowers.  We literally only got to spend a couple of hours together before he had to leave.  It was one of those times that I will always remember though.  The next year I told him I didn't want flowers, but a Chronological Bible.  He's pretty smart sometimes and realized that I probably wanted both, so he went to the resource room at church and made me card with die-cut flowers on it :).  I still have that card!  The first two years of our marriage, V-day hasn't really stuck out to me.  I honestly can't remember what we did, but everyday with Gary is a blessing!!  I LOVE being married and it's something that I will recommend to anyone!!! 

Speaking of being married, I was reading my friends blog and she had an awesome post about weddings and marriage that I wanted to share with everyone. 

I hope that everyday is a Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

V-day is an over rated holiday in my opinion. Everyday is a day you should show love for those closest to you (yes some days are harder than others). I am so very thankful that I have a God loving husband who always tries to treat me like a queen. I am sooo glad Gary found you!! He sure is a lucky guy, you two compliment each other soooo well!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

ps...thanks for the roses ;)

nat said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!