Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Welcome Forest Friends: A Woodsy Shower for Baby Oliver

Sunday we celebrated baby Oliver!  This boy is already so loved by so many.  I know that people say that about other babies that are welcomed into this world, but baby Oliver’s story isn’t like other babies.

After a couple of years of being married, Michael and I decided that we were ready to expand our family. After another couple of years trying to get pregnant on our own, we decided to see a doctor and find out if there was something wrong. Many months and tests later revealed absolutely nothing wrong, and our doctor was stumped. We tried a little longer, but eventually became discouraged with the wait and decided to try a different route... adoption!  We were really excited and had many people praying for us and helping us along the way. People set up fundraisers to help us with expenses and donated things for us to use. But, nothing compared to the amount of prayers that went up on our behalf.  
We worked with the adoption agency with absolutely no prospects for 2.5 years. This wait seemed so much longer than we had been told by many others. We became even more discouraged. We tried a new doctor, and the results were the same: no real problems, except those that couldn't be solved with just a pill or two. After 5 years of trying to start our family, it seemed like maybe God had another plan for us altogether.
And he did! Just before we started the third year of paperwork for our adoption process and had been seeing the new doctor for a few months, we got pregnant!! We were shocked beyond belief, and so very grateful for the chance to be parents! Our prayer warriors were faithful, and God did hear all of those prayers. We know we are blessed in no small part to all the requests made by us and for us. We are looking forward to holding our little blessing this fall! God is Great!​” ~Jessica

Michael and Jessica have been mentioned in countless prayers by our congregation. We were blessed to have been involved in their process through giving to their adoption fund and supporting them through the years of waiting. Waiting is HARD!  It is taxing!  It is not fun!  And it just down right STINKS! BUT “…The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” ~ James 5:16b

We all waited and wondered when God was going to answer “yes” to this sweet couple’s request and when he finally did we were ready to celebrate!!

How can you go wrong with a burlap tablecloth? And that pinecone garland? Amazing!  We made two of them so baby Thayer even has one for his room :).

We made some sweet little pinecone animals with WhiMsy Love's assistance

I already had these wooden plaques.  They were used in Gary's Eagle Scout celebration.  We, of course, added the repositionable chalk board.  Then pinecones and sticks in a mason jar to bring it all together!

Homemade mints by Karen.  I could eat that whole bowl and beg for more!!

Cheese of any mouse's dreams because there was every flavor imaginable.  Oh and that pineapple punch, YUMMY!!!!

This is not even close to all the presents she opened throughout the afternoon, these are just the ones that were there before the shower started.

Love that sweet baby Oliver's mommy!!  Alison helped out by writing down all the gifts she got.
Unfortantly, we didn't get an after picture of the amazing gift table, but as you can see Oliver is set up for some cuteness!
Onsies made be Amber Brock

You see those puzzles pieces?  Yea, those have a pretty amazing part in this whole process as well.  
When Michael and Jessica were going through the adoption process and people were donating money, time, pretty much anything Jessica got them to sign the back of a puzzle piece.  Even though God's plan for them wasn't adoption, at this point, Michael and Jessica still want baby Oliver to know how much he was prayed for and how many people care about his mommy and daddy, and him!  So, they are going to put the puzzle together in a two sided frame so when you turn it around you can see all the people's names that loved this sweet baby even before we knew him!  

Then, of course, the obligatory hostess picture!

We love you sweet baby Oliver and we can't wait for you to arrive next month!  Oh and almost forgot to mention that I am the assitant coach for Oliver's birth, which means that I will be in the delivery room helping Michael and Jessica welcome this sweet baby in an all natural Bradley method manner!  EEEEEKKKKK I am so excited!!!

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