Friday, July 31, 2015

A lesson from Texas

Last week I was living the single mom life while my sweet husband took the long road to Texas, with a group from our church, to meet up with Disaster Response and help the residents there who suffered great loss during their recent flooding. They gutted, dry walled, removed tile and most importantly spread their Christian lights.

It's pretty amazing how God can turn something so disappointing into something so AMAZING! Here's Gary's story:

Texas mucking

Last week I had the privilege of going to Buda/Kyle church of Christ in Texas and assisting people whose homes were damaged from the flood in May. The first house we worked on was an old house that had been in this family for generations. The first thing we must do to the house is trash everything inside it and tear out drywall and insulation due to mold. The goal is to get everything out that needs to be taken out so we can get it livable again. It soon became apparent that the house will more than likely be condemned. We continued to work anyway in case it wasn’t. However, the inspector came and said it was condemned.
There was a feeling of defeat at that news and maybe even that we could have spent our time somewhere else that would be more practical. Then Wednesday night came. The woman who lived in that house plus her sister and nephew came to the Wednesday evening bible class. The nephew, who was 21, had never been to a church until that night. As we began to see the fruit of what we were doing God gave us a lesson. It happened that in class we were in small groups and each had our own verses. Ours was Mathew 26:6-13.
This passage is where the woman anointed Jesus with an expensive perfume. His disciples were upset at this because they claimed that it could be sold and the money given to the poor. That may have been the practical thing to do, but doing good is not always about what is practical. Just like when we mucked the house that we knew was probably going to be condemned. Doing the right thing in this case was not about the practical but about the people, and the full results of this family visiting the church is yet to be seen.

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