Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I know a hero

Thus far in my wedding videography career, I haven't really met many new people because I have been working with friends and family mostly.  However, there have been a few couples that I didn't know very well before their wedding day.  Bryan and Ashlei Winningham were one of those couples.

My husband knew Bryan because they grew up together, but since Gary and I have been together Bryan hasn't lived around here.  Well, I told you all about Bryan and Ashlei to tell you this story...

A life-changing moment happened for two men on their way to work on Monday morning at Mason Road and the Katy Freeway.
"I was just sitting up here at the red light at the feeder road and that’s when I noticed the car," said Brian Winningham.
Winningham, who is a music teacher at Brenham High School, told us he saw a car ahead of him weirdly drifting into lanes.
"So I thought some guy spilled his coffee, or he was getting something out of his glovebox and I didn’t think anything of it," Winningham said.
That’s until the light turned green and he got closer.
"That’s when I looked over and I saw his head was tilted back. His mouth was wide open and his eyes were not blinking," Winningham said.
So instantly he made a move.
"He was right here, and he was creeping over into my lane, so when I saw him I just hit the gas as hard as I could and got in front of him," Winningham said.
It was an intentional accident.
"I jumped out of the car and ran over to him to check his vitals and there was no pulse. He wasn’t breathing, so right then I thought, this guy was a goner," Winningham said.
Winningham noticed the driver was wearing a uniform and was a police officer for the Katy Independent School District. He said he began to pray.
Paramedics arrived immediately. They were heroes too. They were able to bring the officer back to life. They hooked him up to an IV and transported him to Methodist Hospital in Katy, where he’s expected to survive.
The officer’s family, who didn’t want to be identified, told us they are so grateful.
"I’m just happy I was here to help, especially since he is a police officer and has kids. He has more to do here," Winningham said. 


Isn't that incredible??  I am so proud to say that I know Bryan!  Also, just a little side note his dad is an elder at our church and his mom is our ladies Bible class teacher.  They are a great family and this story just helps support that fact!

Be a hero,

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Terry said...

What a GREAT story! And what a hero!