Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leigh and Nathan - Wedding Trailer

Here is a wedding trailer I just finished.  Actually I had intended to have it up sooner, but for some reason the file got deleted and I couldn't find it, so I had to re-edit it again :(.  It happens and it's really sad when it does, but all that matters is that it's here now!!  Enjoy!!

Nathan and Leigh had such a FUN wedding!!!! This trailer doesn't even touch the moments of laughter, humor and excitement that this day held! George and Jay Houston of Click Photography did an AWESOME job getting the bridal party to feel comfortable and allowing them to be themselves in front of the camera. Leigh is such a gorgeous bride! She glowed the whole day! You couldn't knock the smile off of her face and the laughter only increased as the day went on. You can see the love that Nathan and Leigh have for one another and I hope they enjoy their wedding trailer!

Love and Laughter,  


Leigh said...

I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Looks great!! : )