Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few crafty things and something new!!

I've been quite crafty lately and I think if I had enough time I would start an etsy shop, but that will have to come later.  For now, I just want to make these cute little things for fun and for people's showers (baby showers that is ;) ). 

Alyza Brooke has been mentioned a lot lately on here, but it's because she is practically my neice.  We had a baby shower on Sunday and this was my gift along with the video.

I wanted to do a mod podge like this one my friend did for her baby room, but I just wasn't digging what I had so then I tried something else and then something and finally I got to this...I think it turned out way cute!!

Last night we had a mini surprise baby shower for a girl that plays bunco with us.  Her baby is due in October and his name is Connor Jack.  I checked out her registry and what she was doing the baby room in and found this
So, I tried to re-create the turtle for her canvas :).

Rachel and I also made our first diaper wreath!!!  Let me tell you this thing is so much easier and cheaper than a diaper cake.  I can easily spend $40 on a diaper cake because the diapers alone are $20 and then you have to buy all of the accessories (which is my favorite part by the way), but with the wreath you don't use near as many diapers.  The best part, besides the diapers, is Rachel got a cute straw wreath that the mom can re-use one the diapers are taken off (genius!!) so it's not only a baby gift, but a mommy gift too!! 

I found the cute little woodland animals at Hobby Lobby.  We are planning on making another this weekend and it might get a little crazy :), but we'll keep you updated!

Now for the something new!!  We have been using one of Gary's old roommate's couches because when he moved out he didn't need them.  His girlfriend just got a new apartment, but didn't have any living room furniture so he decided to give his to her, which opened our living room up for something new!!  I was overly nervous and anxious about furniture shopping.  This was our VERY FIRST big purchase (minus Dora the Explorer Rosie Washer) and I know that couches can be WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.  We did a little shopping around, but went back to our very first love...
sorry the picture is so dark.  It was taken at night and obviously our overhead light isn't as bright as I thought.

RED COUCHES!!!!  Gary came home early this weekend from Alabama while I was at Alyza's baby shower and moved them in.  Everytime I would think about them being in the living room when I got home I would get all tingly and excited.  They look so much better than I expected.  We do have to do a little curtain swaping because the ones that are up right now are red and red on red is a big no no in my book.  Anyway, I love them and you all are welcome to come over anytime and cozy up on a red couch!!

Happy crafting and coozying,


nat said...

You need to take a better picture, girlfriend because I cannot tell much from that photo. Congrats on your first big purchase! Love ya!

Candy said...

I love anything red. Red cars, red M&Ms, red toenail polish, red a red couch is just awesome! Love the new baby items. Yes, you do need an etsy shop! That would be awesome. Great job on the canvas too :)