Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Was God?

I read this on a friend's blog and I just had to share...

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11th, Frontline is airing a special that asks where God was on the day that a total of over 3,400 people died in America at the hands of terrorists.

Did you know that on a typical work day, there were 50,000 workers combined in both towers of the World Trade Center? Did you know that every hour, approximately 10,000 visitors came to the twin towers? Did you know that it is estimated that at least 3,000 emergency personnel were on site at the time the buildings collapsed? Did you know that there were 304 people who died when the airplanes crashed?
Where was God? He was busy. He was the hope in the over 60,000 who did escape. He was the courage of the men and women who went into burning buildings. He was the resolve of those who refused to let their airplane kill more people. He was the unexplainable strength in the ones who lost their loved ones. He was the compassion in those of us who watched helplessly. He was the camaraderie of a country.

On a day when evil made such an impact, I saw more good. There was more love and service and sacrifice on that day, than I believe was ever seen in our country. The loss of even a few would be devastating, but the loss of so very many should have been crippling. Bin Laden had to have expected far more Americans to lose their lives…he had to have been disappointed at his failure.

Years ago, Billy Graham’s daughter was interviewed on national TV after a natural disaster of some sort. She said that of course God has disappeared because we haven’t invited Him into our schools, our businesses, our lives. But I respectfully disagree with her. God hasn’t disappeared. God is the only good that comes from any of those tragedies. He is the only reason we continually escape with fewer lives lost than estimated, He is the only reason there isn’t far, far more devastation in our world.

I submit to you that without God, there would have been 63,300 + lives lost. I know where He was. The only question I care to ask is: when tragedy strikes, where will God find me?


Kip said...

It is selfish for anyone to wonder where God was at that moment. We only wonder because this is something that happened to us.

Do we wonder where God is every day? I don't know figures, but how many people are murdered every day? How many people are hacked down in African villages every day? How many people starve to death every day? We live our lives is blissful ignorance and if it gets rocked one time we can't all the sudden lose faith? If we lose faith because 3,400 died, we would have lost it long ago.

Evil walks in the world every day - not just on days like 9/11.

Terry said...

When tragedy strikes, so many non-believers ask "Where is God?" But so much of the tragedy in this world is visited upon us by our fellow man. And so much of it would be relieved if we would rise up and care enough to help.

And so we should all be asking ourselves (and be prepared for God to ask us), "Where are YOU when tragedy strikes?"

Where am I when people die of hunger every day? Where am I when a child or elderly person is cruelly harmed? Am I not my brother's keeper?