Wednesday, July 6, 2011

60 Years Together

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!  They are such a wonderful example of a Christian couple and I'm so glad that we all have them to follow.  My grandfather has dementia and my grandmother takes care of him full time.  They live with my aunt and uncle and have a helper that comes during the day while my aunt (a nurse practitioner) is at work.  I love to go over there when things exciting aren't happening and visit with them.  My granddaddy is just so sweet and even though he might say some things in his old age we all know he loves us!

My aunt and uncle came up with the idea to have the surprise party for them and invite all the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids!  I was in charge of the cake and a couple of days before the party I asked my cousin to ask my grandmother what her favorite cake is.  She told him and then asked, "Why?"  The little clever thing that he is said, "Oh it's a facebook 'know your family' quiz."  I thought that was genius!!! The two cakes she said were her favorite were coconut (BLAH!!) and mandarine orange cake.  So, I made the mandarine orange cake...

My sister got the toppers.  Yes, it's a little crooked.  The G = Gordon & H = Hazel.  60 is the diamond anniversary, so we have some bling on there.

What do you get a couple that has been married for 60 years and has everything they could ever want or need?  Well...

flowers of course!!

The cute couple!!
I had a hard time trying to get granddaddy to look at the camera.

Here's Granddaddy (aka Pops) and Grandmother with their youngest great grand-daughter Zoy (pronounced - Zoe)!  Pops just smiled and squeezed her and she did so good with him!
You can click on it to make it larger.

She really is sooo stinkin' funny!  If she has a question for you, even if you aren't currently focused on anything or anyone but her she will say, "excuse me, excuse me."  It's the cutest thing ever!!

Now let me introduce you to my mom's side of the family...
Grandmother and Pops with their oldest son, Brad.
and his family starting from the left...His wife, Gail, son, Brian, Grandmother, Pops, Brad, his daughter Jenna with her daughter Zoy and Riley and Jenna's husband Pat.  We took so many pictures and this was the best one of the Evans.

My mom, Jan, is their second child
Then there's me and Gary, Shelley (her husband, Jared wasn't able to make it) and mom (dad wasn't able to make it either.

Pops and grandmother with their youngest, Kecia.  She was out of town and I thought she deserved to be in the pictures :).  Her shirt and skirt don't really match and she's heavenly bright, but you know.

Then this is her family starting from the left.  Her oldest, Paul Jr., her husband, Paul, her middle child, Evan, and the youngest sitting by grandmother is Elizabeth.

Then here's all the grandkids, great grandkids and spouse's of grandkids (that were able to make it).

We had a great time and we are all so thankful that we were able to celebrate our grandparents 60th anniversary!!!  We love you Grandmother and Pops!!!!

Happy celebrating,


nat said...

Congrats to them! What a wonderful feat!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! They have done a wonderful job raising great children and encouraging their grandkids!!

He Sings Over Me! said...

Wow! Sixty years! That awesome. I am glad you were all together for such a wonderful day. Kimberly, you are so funny, I like how you photoshopped kecia in( I think I got her name right). Oh and that cake looked and sounded delicious!