Monday, March 20, 2017

2 my sweet boy...

Today you turn 2! The age everyone refers to as terrible, but son you have been blowing my mind since you entered this world!! Your extravagant entrance was just the beginning of what we had in store for us! You definitely keep us on our toes!

Sensitive skin, sensitive tummy, but a heart of gold...although, you don't really like to say, "I'm sorry." Oh, I know you can say it, but when you get in trouble and I ask you to say I'm sorry you refuse! However, you will always offer a hug instead. We will take what we can get!

You're my early riser, and you usually have a present ready when you come into our room...if you SMELL what I'm throwing out ;). 

You would prefer to run around with no clothes on, just your "Boops" (boots) and diaper.

You can pee pee in the potty, but we aren't super consistent with it yet. 

You have really started playing with cars a lot more lately. You drive them around making the noise and I love it! Anything can be turned into a 'gun,' a marker, selfie-stick, barbie, etc. Now we just have to get your lifetime license so daddy can teach you how to be a real hunter and gatherer! 

Your favorite thing to do with your sister is JUMP. On anything!! I don't even make the guest bed anymore because it's y'alls favorite place to jump, laugh, and play! The playroom becomes an obstacle course of pillows and cushions so you never have to touch the floor. You get so excited and say, "Didter, come on. Come on, didter," as you wave her towards you!

No matter if I've been gone all day or 2 seconds, every time I walk in the door you say, "MOMMY!!" with a big grin on your face and come running!! You give the greatest 'around the neck' hugs and I bet everyone can vouch that your snotty, slobbery kisses really are the BEST!!

You love to brush your teeth and wash your hands. 

If you could be outside 100% of the time, you're life would be complete! BUT, you are my runner! I can turn around for 2 seconds and you are gone! We have to keep a short leash on you (not literally, although we did have one for the cruise that you hated) when we go out in public because you'll be gone in no time. I'm sure there will come a day when I'm being called over the load speaker of a store saying, "Will the mom of this boy please come pick him up. He was found destroying the potted plants in the garden section." By the time I reach you, you will have won over all the hearts of the employees with your dirty face and super bright white smile!!

You eat everything! Like seriously, half of the time we have no idea what's in your mouth! Just yesterday, you picked up a fruit snack from the church parking lot and before I could get to you, it was in your mouth! Wren and Easton, of course, thought it was the most hysterical thing they had ever seen! This could be why you have tummy issues, but hopefully as you get older this will make you have a stomach of steal!!

Speaking of your tummy issues, we've had a rough couple of months! We've slept on the couch a lot, washed a lot of towels, had many snuggles, and are currently trying to figure out if you're allergic to something or you really did just get the stomach virus that many times. Hopefully, now that it's getting to spring...HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING BTW...if it is stomach bug we will be done with it!!  But if it's allergies, I pray we find the culprit soon!!  Some things we've been trying to stay away from are hot dogs, chickin nuggest (you had chick-fil-a the other night with no problems), and sandwich meat (it seems fresh deli meat is not a bother either). There is still something that is irritating your eczema, but that could be because I think you're teething right now too! Like I said, you've taught me A LOT :).

Oh my stars, do you love animals or what? I so wish we could get you a dog right now, but don't worry my boy, soon! One day soon you will have that dog and I know it's going to be a forever friendship!!! You love every dog you see! You want to pet them, hug them, love on them. It doesn't even matter if they snip at you, within seconds you're right back over playing with them again. Xena, I'm talking about you ;). If I make you leave them it's a knock-down drag out of screaming and fighting to get back to the dog!!

You've started calling me "Mom" already and it breaks my heart a little, but you hear your big sister doing it. However, it normally sounds something like this, "Mom. Mommy. Momma. Mom. Mommy. Mommy. Mom. Mom..." and it goes on and on. Yes, just like the baby on Family Guy!

You are very talkative, but not as easy to understand, which frustrates you a little. There are many tears when we try to figure out what you are wanting, but once we do that BIG smile comes back and those BIG eyes just light up!!

You're my screamer/squealer! You scream when you're excited and scream when you're mad. Sometimes you just scream because it's fun, I guess. 

You love "moomies" (movies). Some of your favorites are; "Memo," Dory, Bunny (zootopia), and Minions. Or anything that has a dog in it! When the beginning starts you always say, "Here it comes." With Minions you sing along because they are singing. You love the "Oh oh" song in Zootopia and if I'm not singing too you make sure I know!!

If there's dirt, you're playing in it. If there's a puddle, you're splashing in it. If there's something on the ground, you're tasting it. You are all boy and I'm learning so much from you!

I love you so very much and can't wait to see what other adventures you have in store for us in the years to come!

Mom 😢

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