Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thayer is 1/2 a year old!!

On Sunday our sweet little guy turned 6 months old.  That opens up a whole new world for us!! We do Baby Led Weaning and 6 months is when they say to start letting them try food.  If Thayer is anything like Wren, he won’t actually start consuming anything until around 9 months, but so far he’s been NOTHING like his big sister :-).  He’s definitely tasting and feeling textures and it wouldn’t surprise me if he started swallowing food quicker than her. 

My mom gave him his first strawberry on Saturday and she was so excited!  She kept yelling, “He loves it!” Wren has really gotten into kiwi lately so I let him try some of that and his face was…interesting. I sat avocado on his tray a couple of nights ago during dinner and he touched and tasted, but it mostly ended up on the floor and in his chair.  I also let him try a strawberry popsicle
that I knew he would just love for his gums, but the little rascal wouldn’t open his mouth. You definitely have to be willing to be patient and be ok with major messes if you decide to go the BLW route, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it!!

His sleeping went back to all night, except for a couple of sporadic nights throughout the month, but all-in-all I would say it was great sleeping month! He still sometimes does that 5am wake-up call that I’m not too keen on, but we go with it. I’ll let him play and sometimes come back to find this…

He has started occasionally sleeping in cloth diapers.  I know I talk about his peeing habits often, but he must pee more than Wren did through the night because I didn’t have to stuff her diapers any extra at night than I did during the day, but I do his in order for him to make it all night without soaking through. We are slowly, but surely making progress on cloth diapering a boy vs. a girl.

No teeth yet! But he gums and chews on everything.  He loves for his gums to be rubbed.  I think we will get one or two by the next month update.

Well, this is a big one and one that I have to say I’m not too proud of as his mommy, but I think it was partly my fault. He gave his first hickie.  We had our Day at the Park with our congregation on Sunday and I didn’t pack a bottle and I was enjoying the conversation and didn’t want to make anyone feel awkward so I choose not to feed him.  He was content, but sucking away on Marlee’s (our preacher’s daughter) finger. **I think it had to do with his teeth too** He fell asleep and Marlee checked out her finger to find that he, in fact, did leave a red ring. Wayne, I apologize for my son’s behavior and I promise it won’t happen again ;).

Sweet boy after Marlee put him to sleep with her finger :). 

He can sit up, but not perfect yet.  He is still pretty unsteady and topples over quite a bit. I think that is also my fault because I would usually lay him on his play mat on his back or his belly on a blanket with toys instead of sit him up.  He’ll catch up and who said he’s even behind? I’m bad about comparing him to other kids and that’s not always the best thing to do.

He loves his belly! He will lay and play on his belly for a while without getting fussy.  He has always slept on his belly so I guess he’s comfortable there. He scoots and maneuvers his way around and he tries to get up on his hands and knees, but isn’t quite there yet.

Wren and Thayer both got their first Batman shirts!!!  We made a quick visit to my grandparent’s house a couple of weekends ago and Aunt Katie and Bethany always have something waiting for the kids.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!
The best one I could get of the two of them.  No pants, Thayer looks drunk, and who said church shoes with a Batman shirt doesn't work?!

Even though this update is about Thayer I have to tell you about Pawpaw and Wren.  They have this sweet love for each other that’s hard to explain, but absolutely precious to watch!  They don’t get to see each other often, but Wren remembers him and talks about him all the time.  She knows he has cookies and pulls his thumb off (a slide of hand trick). Thayer on the other hand...not so sure about him ;).

With Grammy!!!

Feeding time with Aunt Katie!

Thayer went on his first family retreat at the beginning of the month. He was passed around and loved on by everybody.

Strollers are perfect for getting around, napping, changing diapers, and cuddling with brother.  Do you see the skittle that fell on his arm? HA!

He does really great sleeping in a pack-n-play when we are away from home, unlike his sister. He sleeps just as good no matter where he sleeps.  He probably gets that from his daddy who can sleep anywhere on any type of terrain. This is good news for when we want to go camping!

Speaking of sleeping, knock on wood, but this kid is so easy to put to down.  Once he gets tired he just wants his bed.  There are times that after I lay him down he gets fussy but it’s usually because he has to burp.  A quick pat on the back while I’m holding him and he is good to go! I pray he continues to be easy to put to bed!

Spit up is an everyday occurrence in our house.  Sometimes I look over and he is practically swimming in it.  It’s disgusting and sometimes it looks like he spit up everything he has eaten all day.  I think it’s still a product of the reflux that we dealt with in his early days. I’m not sure why when he’s lying on his belly and spits up he feels the need to play in it, but he does. Burp clothes are anything I can grab most of the time. Towels and swaddle blankets are usually my go to because they will last longer than a small diaper rag.

He's starting to talk more and more. I love hearing those sweet little jabbers! Wren can get him laughing like nobody else can and she loves taking care of him. Last night while I was fixing myself something to eat he was in his bouncy seat sitting up playing with a toy.  He kept dropping it and would get a little fussy. Wren would stop what she was doing and say, "I gotta get broder's toy." He would give her the biggest grin when she gave it to him.  This happened 2 or 3 times. She is a big helper and if it's something she can do for broder she is all over it!  BUT if I ask her to clean up her mess that's a different story :-).

Happy 6 months Thayer Maxwell!! 

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