Monday, March 17, 2014

10 Months

She did not want to sit down in her chair for the picture, so we just had to get a standing one :).

10 months sure does fly when you’re having fun with a little stinker like ours!  This is such a fun age!  Her personality is starting to shine and, I must say that, I think she’s gonna be like her momma in that she smiles at everyone J.  The people at church just eat her up…well really anyone that sees her does.  She is kind of clingy to me sometimes, but will still pretty much go to anybody!  I can’t say if that’s because that’s just her or because she’s been passed around her entire life.  No matter where we go to church she gets passed around and I love it!!  Our preacher calls her the ‘church baby.’

This past month has been tiring!  She’s been back in her ‘wake-up during the night stage,’ but I just try to remember that when she’s 13 years old she won’t want to come get in bed with us anymore.  So we make it work and love on her when she shows up in our bed J.

Gary was able to stay his first night alone with her this past weekend.  I’ve been away from her overnight several times at this point, but this is the first time that she’s stayed with her daddy because usually he’s with me.  My sister invited me to a ladies retreat with her church and I’m so glad that I went!  It was phenomenal and it was good to see a lot of the ladies I have known pretty much my whole life!  Anyway, back to Gary and Wren…she had been staying up really late the week before.  I’m talking 11 to 11:30 every night.  I called Gary before I went to bed at 11:30 thinking they would still be partying!  NOPE!!  He was in bed and she had been in bed since 8:30!!  WHAT?!  Mommy leaves and daddy and baby…SLEEP??  That’s not how that’s supposed to go!  He did say that she ended up waking up at midnight and he put her in the bed with him, but then she slept until 8am.  Great day in the morning!!  I’m so glad that everything went well though and I never worried once that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.  He’s a great daddy!  I think I need to thank his sister’s for that because they had babies while he was really young and he would baby-sit them all the time.  So he knew how to change a diaper, give a bath and anything that I already knew how to do.

She still only has 2 teeth, but think she’s about to get some more here pretty soon!! 

She’s eats anything!  She had crab meat and shrimp (which I think she had already had shrimp before) yesterday at lunch!

Just yesterday I started noticing that she’s beginning to understand sounds and animals!  She LOVES hand puppets!!  We have one for Old MacDonald and she loves it!!  Here’s a video of her with that one.  Gary said that he just has to put the hand puppet on and she’ll start going, “EIEIEIEIEIEIEI.”  In Bible class she gets so excited when the teacher pulls out a hand puppet!  Her face lights up and she starts waiving her hands (like nemo’s…hahahahahaha that’s what my roommate, Trish, called my hands when I flapped during a scary movie or intense intramural game).  Last night in church she was looking at one of her books and gets to a page with ducks on it and starts going, ‘quack quack.’  Gary said, “How does she know that?”  I said, "because she’s heard us say it, probably Emily (my sister-in-law who keeps her) and probably her bible class teachers."  It was just cool to hear her actually do it on her own.  That morning she was copying me making a dog noise, but wouldn’t do it when I asked her to, so hearing her quack when she saw a picture was pretty cool!! 

I’ve really been excited for her to start clapping.  I don’t know why but that’s always been one of my favorite things that kids do!!  She hasn’t started yet, but I’m starting to practice with her to hurry it along J.  We were practicing yesterday and she thought it was soooo fun, but every time she tried when I wasn’t helping her she was just flapping her ‘nemo’s’ again.  She’ll get it soon enough and it will be a fun day.  Hopefully I’ll get it on video!!

We had scrapbook for Lads to Leaders yesterday afternoon and a couple of the girls were playing with her.  They screamed, “SHE’S WALKING!!”  Sure enough when I looked over there she took a step and then fell.  I’m not sure how many steps she took before that, but it’s just a matter of time!!  It could still be a while before she does it again, but we should probably get ready!! 

I can’t believe she will be ONE in 2 months!!!


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