Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Dub Dub

Well, we are getting down to the wire!!  I am 5 DAYS AWAY from my due date!!  The last time I even mentioned having a baby on here was before Christmas!!  HOLY COW!!  So, let's play catch-up!

I have really enjoyed being pregnant!!  I did have some issues early on, but once I got passed that it has been enjoyable!  It's been really fun and exciting not knowing what the baby is as well!  It has helped me and my family not spend too much money, which is always good because, let's be honest, once this little rascal gets here I will want to buy everything in sight!!  That's where my budget minded husband will be really handy!

Things I love about being pregnant:
  • Feeling the baby move - this is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced.  I'm SOOOOOO going to miss this!  I wish that every person could feel this because it's so amazing and just shows how wonderful our God is!
  • Knowing it's safe and sound inside my tummy - even though it's not technically in my stomach, sometimes when I think about the baby being here and living in this ugly world I just want it to stay safe tucked inside for as long as possible.
  • The pregnant glow - Even though I'm not getting much sleep right now, my face still seems to look alive and awake.  Pretty sure once the baby arrives it will go back to dark and dull with huge bags under my eyes because I'm getting even less sleep, but it will totally be worth it!!!!!
  • Maternity jeans - I'm NOT looking forward to going back to regular jeans.  These things are GREAT!!
  • Not having to suck it in - Let me just say that this is something I have had to do my entire life for pictures, just walking around, everyday!  Once the little baby bump started showing and people knew I was pregnant it was nice to just be able to let it go!  Once this little thing comes out it will be right back to worrying about sucking in and standing up straight.
  • My hair!! - Seriously this stuff is great!!  I don't shed hardly at all and let me just say that pre-pregnancy my hair would fall out like I was a horse getting brushed!  I barely even lose any hair when I wash it!  I know it will continue to stay put for a little while after the baby gets here, but then that dreaded day will come when I will have to start buying draino in bulk because I'm clogging up all the drains in the house again!
  • Not having a monthly cycle - Great day in the morning it's been awesome!  We don't have to go into detail about this one because you know what I'm talking about :).
  • Knowing I'm growing a human inside my body - Sometimes when I think about this I just feel honored!  There are so many women out there who can't have babies of their own and this is such a blessing to be able to experience!!
  • Other people - I love talking to people about being pregnant and letting my family and friends feel the baby move.  I haven't had any strangers come up and ask to rub my belly yet, so maybe we will make it all the way through before that happens :).
There are probably so many more things that I could say I love about being pregnant, but I can't think of any more particulars right now...should we blame it on the baby brain?!  I would do a list of things I won't miss, but I like to keep things positive and I think it would be fun to look back only on the positives of pregnancy!

We have been overly showered with gifts!!  We have, so far, had 3 showers!  My work shower, our church shower and my Freed friends shower.  They were all perfect and unique in their own precious way! 

Gary, baby dub dub (our nickname for the baby for those of you who haven't heard) and I feel so blesssed and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love AND once the baby gets here we will have a shower for our Huntsville friends and then a family shower!!  I wanted to do it that way because I want the Huntsville friends to be able to see the baby since they don't get to see me that much.  I'm SOOOO SUPER excited about this one!!

We can't wait for our sweet baby to arrive and to become parents!  Please pray that I will have a safe and QUICK delivery!  Hopefully in a few days I'll update the blog world with pictures of our new arrival!!!


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He Sings Over Me! said...


I know I am super late but congrats with Wren. I am super excited for you two! Wren is beautiful like her mother. Miss you too much. Keeping it short so I will talk to you later. Love you and I speak blessings over Wren and you and Gary! Much excitement from Florida.

Your old friend,

Tabitha Rice