Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Card

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So, here it is!!  Our Holiday Card!!  Check out all of our traveling and can you believe that was all in July??!!  Do you see anything else special about this card??


I couldn't figure out how to stinkin' get it to save so I could show you the back too, but it's a picture of the sonogram and announcing that Baby Washer will be here in May of 2013!!  We are sooooo excited and glad we got so much traveling done in 2012!!

Hopefully I can catch up on blogging before May because all I will want to do is post pictures of pee wee on here (Gary likes to refer to the baby as Ernest P. Worell).  We don't know what the sex of the baby is and we won't know until MAY!!!!  That's right we are keeping it a secret (even from ourselves) and we are pumped about it!!!  Maybe I'll let you in on the reasoning behind that later!

Oh and here's an updated picture of baby Easton!!!  

Can you believe he is 2 months old??!!!  Isn't he the cutest??  Easton will be 7 months old when pee wee gets here and hopefully they will be BFF!!!

Merry Early Christmas!!

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nat said...

Awesome! So excited for you and Gary and am super pumped that you are keeping the sex of the baby a secret! That's what I plan to do as well when it snows in July and I am pregnant. It's one of life's greatest surprises and I am so proud of you for waiting. Super, super awesome! Love you girl and a big Congrats to you and Gary!