Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm a sucker for a great video

I have always had the desire to do international mission work and living in KL for 6 months definitely got my feet wet.  But when I see videos like this one it makes me yearn for it. 

I don't know this group, I have never heard of them and I have no idea what church they are affiliated with, but what they are doing is so inspirational.  This video is amazing and it puts my life into perspective so much.  Life Stage films always amazes me, but this one astounds me.

The part that is my favorite, that part that made my heart and eyes burn is when they wash their feet and put a fresh pair of socks and shoes on them.  I honestly feel that the best way to show servanthood, especially in poorer countries, is washing their feet.  This gives me hope and deteremination that one day, I too, can provide such a thoughtless thing for us, but oh so meaningful thing for them.


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Hisdaughterinlight said...

Very cool! I'm sure God will make His plans known to you and your husband to where He wants you in the future!